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How long should I allow hair to grow before waxing?

The hair growth cycle is 3-4 weeks which is why waxing is recommended once per month. If waxing for the first time, wait a minimum of two weeks without shaving before coming in for your first wax.

How long will it take?

All waxes are booked for 20-minute time slots, with the exception of full leg waxes and full back, which are 30 minutes.

Will it be painful?

Waxing removes hair by the root and more coarse and thicker hair creates increased sensitivity. Waxing regularly once per month will alleviate this. The hair grows in thinner and more sparse in between waxes, which means it becomes less painful with each consecutive wax. Topical anesthetic lotion is retailed and sold. Some patients have taken pain medication prior to wax, while others verbalize it was not painful at all.

Can I get Brazilian wax while pregnant or on my menstrual cycle?

Yes, although there is increased sensitivity during these times, one can be waxed during pregnancy and while on their period. It is simply recommended to either cut the tampon string, or insert the string completely before wax. Positional changes are also necessary with pregnant patients to ensure optimal safety for the baby, such as wedge pillows and table position adjustments.

Is Brazilian waxing offered for men?

Absolutely, with as little or as much hair removed per patient request.

What does aftercare for waxing include?

Waxing exfoliates the skin, and hair is removed by the root leaving skin more susceptible to infection for the firrst 24-48 hours. It is best to avoid certain activities during that time to prevent infection such as swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, tanning, and/or anything that would increase the risk of infection.

Body brushing not only improves circulation, but reduces risk of ingrown hairs when combined with regular exfoliation treatments on waxed areas. Proper exfoliation can include cleansing skin with a natural exfoliant such as baking soda combined with an anti-bacterial cleanser appropriate for patients skin type. Additionally, coconut oil is great moisturizer for waxing aftercare. For those with problematic skin types prone to ingrown hairs; Brazilian peels are offered and recommended two weeks post wax. The Brazilian Peel is a deeper chemical exfoliation in areas prone to ingrown hairs. Finipil is also recommended due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.



What is a chemical peel? 

A chemical peel is a treatment in which skin care professional applies customized chemical to patients skin to improve skin conditions such as acne, discoloration, age & sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles and/or scarring.

What to expect from chemical peel is a mild tingling and burning much like that of a sunburn. The skin will exemplify a sunburn with dry, flaking and redness. Skin peeling of the outermost layers of epidermis and exfoliation of skin is to be expected and completed within 3-7 days. It is important to keep treated areas out of sun and use sunblock afterwards.

Chemical Peels do work best in a series and recommended treatments include 3-6 for optimal noticeable results and package prices are available for savings and convenience.



What is Dermaplaning? 

It’s a physical exfoliation of epidermal layer of skin using a tool with added benefit of removing all vellus hair from face improving skins texture. It is also recommended before chemical peels to optimize results.

How long does Dermaplaning treatment take? 

It is done in approximately 20 minutes or less.

Are there any contraindications with Dermaplaning? 

Yes, and will be discussed in further detail upon initial consultation.

*Dermaplaning is ideal for anti aging and removal of facial hair and optimizing chemical peel results and the after care is same for chemical peels.



What is microdermabrasion? 

Microdermabrasion involves utilizing a minimally abrasive instrument to gently exfoliate thicker outer layers of epidermis improving skins texture, discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, light scarring, sun damage, stretch marks, age spots and blackheads.



Applied to each individual eyelash with a surgical adhesive with !lls applied accordingly to patients customized needs. A full set takes 60-90 minutes for application and fills are charged accordingly at the time of application.